History of Red Rock Runners

History of Red Rock Runners

Frank told me that when he moved to Cochrane in 1999, the Saturday morning group run was already happening. It met at Coffee Traders as it does now. For quite a few years we met on Saturdays at Guy’s Bakery, but we transitioned back to Coffee Traders a few years ago.

Club Organization

From the club website in 2004

“The board of directors of the Cochrane Red Rock Running and Triathlon club are, of course, all volunteer positions. Their goal is to act in the best interests of the club members to execute the business of the club, make decisions on its behalf, and generally make sure that our club continues to mature, and move forward toward becoming the best club we can possibly be. The board will always attempt to obtain the general consensus of the club membership on matters requiring major changes of club policy by scheduling an open general meeting or social event with an open meeting component.”

Club pre-History

Earliest anyone can remember is that Tammi Ellis and Angie Anderson did some running clinics in Cochrane in 1996 or 1997. Shortly after that the club was formed to allow the clinic participants to keep on training as a group.

The Wayback Machine at the internet archive of the Red Rock Runners website starts in late 2003 and runs to the present. Bruce Robin created the first website, and back then we were hardy runners, Angie’s clinics started in late February! We also had our own Iron Yogi — Trevor Dickson — offering yoga sessions for runners.

Other items of note in the archive are Kevin’s Tequila 55, and Roy and Lana’s Wannabonka challenge.

Club officials

We are still trying to remember everyone, so please email the club if you have any extra details.

Past Club Presidents

  • Angie Anderson
  • Bruce Robin
  • Anne Locke-Pope
  • Gerry Babin
  • Danny Rasmussen
  • Sue Wall

Past Vice Presidents

  • Tosca Burtenshaw

Past Treasurers

  • Jo-Anne Wilson
  • ??
  • ??
  • Sheila French

Past Club Secretaries

  • Karen Babin


  • John Wilson
  • Esther Oga
  • Kathy Tilotson
  • Toni Jaques
  • Janice Helle
  • Sue Carpenter

Past Web Guru

  • Bruce Robin
  • Amanda Grant